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I’ve been guiding women entrepreneurs and business owners for 5 years. Why women specifically? To be honest, when I started I had no idea which content would speak to whom. It’s only into my first year of lectures that I realized my audience consisted of 95% female business owners. This got me thinking of whether my methods were inherently targeted at the sensibilities and unique psyche of women or it was the other way around – women coming from specific professional disciplines, were more in tune and able to connect to my MAR-CARE-TING approach.

After many conversations I’ve had with participants of workshops and coaching clients, I have to say the truth is probably that it’s a mix of both. I believe that women carry certain traits that allow them to lead with compassion. This approach allows for human connections that can thrive into personal and business success. In my eyes, Mar-Care-Ting is the manifestation of compassionate leadership in business and one that is accessible to people who truly care about their potential and existing customers.

A Patent Attorney, Attorney at Law
Business Consultant
Author of the book ``A Patent in the Palm of Your Hand”
Motivational Speaker
Time-management expert in the personal and business success arena.

Top Achievement: a husband to Avivit & father of 4 rascals –
Or, Eliyah, Alon and Emily.

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