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Q. What is Value Driven Marketing?

A. Value driven marketing is a marketing technique that is based on finding out what drives your customers and how you, as a business owner, can serve their needs while providing the most value possible for them in the process. I also believe that value driven marketing applies to both ends of the exchange, the customer but also YOU, the business owner. Value driven marketing means that you do not have to compromise when it comes to your personal beliefs and morals in order to succeed in business. On the contrary, only when you are in alignment with what you stand for, personally and professionally, you will find fulfillment and financial success.

Q. What is the main goal of The Workshop?

A. The first online workshop that will be available for subscription is titled “How to sell out without selling out” and it will cover my bullet-proof technique to making sure each and every one of your events is fully booked and sold-out in advance. You will learn how to promote your seminar, conference or workshop based on an online marketing strategy that is easy to learn and implement no matter what business you’re in.

Q. Who should sign up for it?

A. If you are a business owner that offers products or services to a niche audience and one of your communication methods happens to be hosting events, then you will find this workshop extremely helpful. Note, business women in various therapy practices, advisors, mentors, life-coaches, healers and so on find my workshops the most transformative with highest reported business growth.

Q. How does it work?

  A. The Workshop is an online course divided into several video lectures. Once you subscribe, you will get an email with login instructions and an access code. You can watch the videos at your convenience and participation in the workshop secures a lifetime access to the content.

Q. Are there any participation prerequisites as far as business size or sales experience?

A. It depends. If you started your business yesterday and are still not sure if there’s a real market for it and how to reach that specific market – I would say wait a bit. However, if you are an operating business with existing and potential customers and you are looking to grow your business through various events, you’re at the right place. No matter how big your business is, small & might or big & booming, this workshop will teach you how to go beyond your borders.

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